Worst Dog Food to Avoid

Finding healthy dog food is much harder than you think. Companies are masters at marketing dog food to appear healthy by showing flashy healthy looking bags, or giving high lists such as added vitamins or antioxidants.

While some added nutrients can be a plus, we believe that what left out of the dog food is more important than what they add to entice you into buying. Below we discuss what to look out for in dog foods to avoid to ensure you have chosen a healthy and delicious food for your dog.

How to avoid the worst dog food

The following ingredients have been shown to have negative effects on dogs. Instead of listing all of the brands with the following ingredients which would include dozens of brands we will show you exact ingredients that are or potentially harmful for your dog to ingest daily. We prefer to avoid these ingredients as much as possible:

  • Corn- Naturally a cheap carbohydrate filler, using Brown rice ,oats, or Sweet potato is much healthier
  • Meat byproducts- This can be literally anything derived from animals, common issues with this is mold and lack of nutrients in the meat, look for real meat sources at the beginning of your dog food ingredient list
  • BHA- Preservative that has deemed safe, however we prefer to us a natural preservative to protect dog food
  • BHT- Again another preservative that prevent oxidation, this is in all type of consumer products but we prefer to feed it to our dogs, looks for a natural preservative)
  • Ethoxyquin- Preservative to protect fats from oxidizing
  • Food dyes- especially yellow 5 +6, Blue 2, Red 40
  • Propylene Glycol- preserves moisture in dog food and has been very controversial for being toxic to dogs and humans, avoid this

Our Recommendation to avoid the worst dog food

We know its annoying to check every bag of dog food looks for healthy ingredients but avoiding the ingredients lists above while also keeping in mind your budget.

The best way to go about finding dog find with studying dog nutrition is just picking a reliable and trusted brand that you can find easily such as a grain free high protein brand like blue buffalo, click here to see on Amazon.

If you would like to take the guess work out of this, we have extensively looked at several brands and found the best bang for your buck dog food that is also healthy and nutritious.

Check out the post here: https://thek9world.com/the-best-dog-food-for-your-dog/

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