Top tools to train loose leash walking

Dealing with a dog that has poor behavior while walking can be very frustrating. This is the most common issues people face with their dog. The inability to enjoy walking your dog leads to less frequent walking which exacerbates the issue.

Does you dog pull on their leash or misbehave while walking?

In this article we’ve complied the most effective tools that will help stop bad behavior during walks quickly and effectively.

No Pull dog Harness

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness

The great thing about dog harnesses are they serve two important roles, first they keep your dog secure no matter what situation or behavior arises. The dog will not slip out in a fitted dog harness.

Second the harness takes pulling power away from the dog, so if your dog is large or has enough power to pull you this will stop it immediately.

We always tell dog owners to always have a safe, secure dog harness when dealing with any issues with pulling or lunging when walking.

This is a quick way to stop pulling. The rabbit goo dog harness is our favorite and customers rave about its effectiveness.

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Gentle leader

Pet Safe Gentle Leader with training DVD

This is another great way to stop dogs from pulling on their leash while walking or lunging forward. The concept is very simple and DOES NOT hurt your dog in anyway. In fact this is much better compared to a normal dog collar pulling against your dogs throat and neck.

This collar attaches around the dogs snout and back of head. When pulled on it will direct the dogs head downward. The dog will quickly learn that pulling on the leash will direct their attention downward, which they do not want.

Most people see results very quickly, some dogs will need to use this longer than other but will eventually train them that pulling on the leash gives unwanted results and to walk loosely to continue walking forward.

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So now you have two options to stop your dog from pulling. We fully support positive reinforcement. The best way to reward your dog and to keep up the good work, is come up with a voice command to use every time such as : Good! or Yes! Another great option that dog trainers implement is a clicker this give a distinct loud “click” sound that dogs respond very well to and in a lot of circumstances much than voice commands.

Once you have acknowledge the good behavior, your dog should receive a tasty treat which is the greatest training tool every dog owner should have. We prefer treats that are not only tasty, but also healthy such as this one:

Blue buffalo bits dog training treats

These bits have been a huge hit with our dogs. We love blue buffalo products and trust their ingredients and quality. These will typically last a long time, and to increase this we break the treats into halves.

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Hopefully our list of products we use with our dogs will help you and your dog’s walking problems. These products absolutely work, typically the limiting factor is the owners patience. Work with your dog daily and you will see results, guaranteed.

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