Top dog training treats

Top dog training treats

One of the most effective way to train dogs is through positive reinforcement using treats. Unfortunately a lot of dog treats on the market are full of fillers and unhealthy ingredients.

In this article we give you three dog training treats that are healthy, affordable, and tasty to ensure your dog loves them.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats

These dog treats give you a great wholesome option. The first ingredient is chicken, and also includes cherries and turmeric to give your dog a boost of healthy anti-inflammatory ingredients. This allows you to give your dog as many treats as needed to give enough positive reinforcement.

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Blue Buffalo Treat bits

These are great training treats due to the variety in this pack to prevent boredom with the same repetitive flavors but also come from one of our favorite dog food brands blue buffalo.

These treats come from real ingredients and do not contain corn, soy, artificial preservatives or wheat. You can give these to your dog daily and feel safe knowing they are completely health for your dog.

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Stewart Pro-Treat Dog Treats 

These treats are a HUGE hit for training your dog. These treats are freeze dried beef or chicken liver that contain no other ingredients! Dogs absolutely love these and even dogs that have trouble paying attention to training usually respond to these treats.

The tub contains over a pound so don’t worry about running out anytime soon! One great thing about these treats is the ability to break the pieces in different sizes to give different size rewards.

Another plus to these treats is once the larger pieces are gone you can use the crumbs in the bottom of the tub to put on your dogs food for an extra treat at dinner!

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