The best leashes and leads for your dog

Which is better a dog leash or dog lead?

This is a common question we see all the time and the answer is: it depends!

We commonly suggest a dog leash and flat dog collar if you have a well trained dog that doesn’t pull, get distracted, or misbehave in anyway while walking or in public.

If you have a dog that typically pulls or is more interest in sniffing a bush rather than listen to your commands a lead is a much better choice.

Dog leads are very effective but not as popular unfortunately due to the confusion around the object.

Unlike a normal collar and leash, a dog lead is a stand alone leash and collar built together, it wraps around your dogs neck (closest to the head as possible to work effectively). When the dog pulls the lead tightens, however when the device is positioned correctly it will not choke the dog but repositions their head, which works wonders.

Best dog leashes and leads

Leatherberg leather Dog Training Leash

This is our favorite leash and what we recommend for a few reasons including:

  1. Soft 100% genuine leather, this makes long walks easier on your hands and also takes some of the pull out since it stretches a little. Several customers claim that it relieves sore pain in their hands.
  2. This leash is durable and will last years upon years preventing you from wasting your money on several cheap leashes.
  3. High quality snap hooks that don’t weaken over time, this prevents the dog from accidentally being unleashed.
  4. And lastly, the leash is beautiful and classy!

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Mendota Products Dog Slip Lead

If you decided to give a dog lead a chance if your dog pulls or seems to not pay attention while walking, we prefer the this lead. Great highlights of this product include:

  1. Machine washable polypropylene rope
  2. Very soft on the hands, preventing fatigue, excessive skin irritation and pain
  3. Oil tanned leather snap (this is what you use to adjust the lead to be tight but not too tight!)

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Choosing the right leashes and leads

With so many choices out there for different types of dog leashes and leads, we decided to condense your choices down to the two products we can confidently recommend for your dog.

Whether you choose to buy the beautiful leather leash above or the highly effective no pull dog lead, you and your dog will be more than happy with the results.

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