The best dog food for your dog

The best dog food for your dog

When it comes to searching for dog food, there are dozens of different brands offering unique blends tailored to specific dog needs or special ingredients. Most of this is pure marketing, a fancy bag and not actually beneficial to our dogs or our wallets.

With the explosion of “healthy dog foods” by brands known to cut corners making dog food by packing with fillers or mystery meat, it is advised to stick to the brands known to always care about what they sell and give our dogs to consume.

Below we have selected the top dry dog foods based on AAFCO nutrition guidelines that deem dog food to be nutritionally complete as well as our own requirements that exceed AAFCO guidelines. These dog foods are commercially available and will be safe for your dog and provide all the nutrition the dog will need.

Our requirements to make the list of best dog food are:

  • No chemical preservatives that are known to be carcinogenic to dogs
  • No mystery meat or generic meat labelling
  • No artificial coloring of dog food
  • High protein from real meat
  • Ideal ratio of healthy fats and carbohydrates
  • Nutritionally complete based of AAFCO guidelines
  • Commercial available and practical pricing to ensure you keep feeding your dog a healthy food source

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula

Beyond meeting our dog food requirements we selected Blue buffalo because of the following reasons:

  • Readily available and affordable price
  • First ingredient is meat
  • High antioxidant profile
  • Nutritionally dense per cup allowing use for all breed sizes and allowing bags to last longer

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Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein

Taste of the wild dog food has a great reputation with dog owners and vets alike. It exceeds our guideline requirements and also has the following benefits:

  • First ingredient is real meat
  • Contain probiotics to help aid your dogs digestive system
  • Contains healthy fatty acids for your dogs skin and hair
  • Family owned and ran in the USA
  • Although considered high end specialty dog food, available commercially for a reasonable price

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Natural Balance Original Ultra Whole Body Health Dog Food

Natural Balance is a highly reputable company know for its exceptional quality control and creating not only healthy dog foods but also dog food for picky eaters. Below are the reasons we chose this dog food that exceeded are requirements:

  • High levels of DHA and EPA for your dogs brain
  • High in Calcium
  • First five ingredients are real whole foods
  • Affordable especially for the quality of product

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Hopefully the guide was beneficial to selecting the best dog food for your companion. We made these choices not only based on what nutrition and price, but also what we have fed our dogs for several years successfully. All of the brands listed above will suit your dog and help them live a long and healthy life.

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