Is Rice Good for Dogs?

Rice is one of the most popular foods on earth, its been around for thousands of years and provides use with a cheap and quick source of carbohydrates.

Like most people, whenever I have left over food or want to spruce up my dogs dinner I must first check to see if the food is safe for my dog. Below we set the record straight on rice and whether its safe for your dogs bowl

Rice is good for dogs and here is why!

Interestingly if you look at the back of a bag of cheap dog food, you’ll see the main ingredients are typically byproducts and corn. If you look at the back of a good back of dog food, you’ll quite frequently see brown rice as one of the main ingredients!

Rice is absolutely safe for dogs! Here are the pro’s of giving your dog rice:

  • Clean carbohydrate source that your dog can easily digest
  • Great to give to dogs that are having digestive issues, frequently given to dogs by veterinarians
  • Its tasty and a great treat to give to your dog, we put it on our dogs dry food to entice their appetite
  • Give to dogs when they will or have expelled lots of energy, rice gives them an extra boost of carbs for exercise
  • Its cheap and in most people’s cupboard
  • You can use brown rice or white rice (brown rice has more fiber and will take longer to digest compared to white rice, we use both)

How should I prepare rice for my dog?

We give our dogs rice daily, we typically mix it in to our preferred dog along with cooked chicken to give them a healthy boost of natural protein and carbs that are easily digested.

To make it easier to have cooked rice on hands at all times we use this awesome rice cooker and make it in bulk while we’re working or playing with the dogs. Just plug it in tell it what type of rice you’re cooking and hit run, it automatically stops and keeps the rice warm!

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Hopefully you now feel comfortable to give your dog rice. Feel free to start giving your dog rice daily like we do and you’ll have one happy pup! We guarantee it.

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