Dog Harnesses vs Dog Collars

Dog Harnesses vs Dog Collars

Which is best for my dog?

Dog behavior varies greatly however most dogs do experience some sort of negative tendencies in certain circumstances. 

Dog collars and harnesses both have their places. If your dog is just hanging out in the house or in the backyard a dog collar is perfect, however we are firm believers that a Dog harness is much safer and will allow more control when you are walking your dog or have it any circumstance were safety is extremely important such as side walks.

The benefits of dog harnesses over dog collars are:

  •  Great for training puppies, and will prevent tangles and slipping out of collars (very common).
  •  Complete control over dog
  • Helps with all sizes of dogs, especially large breeds that are strong. 
  • Designed to prevent dog from pulling with no pull designs. This allows you to redirect the power from the dog to the direction you want to go. 
  • Great for small dogs by preventing pulling around neck which easily causes injuries in smaller breeds 

None of these great benefits would apply to flat dog collars. Hopefully you’ve decided that dog harnesses are superior to dog collars.

Below we have selected the best dog harnesses based off having all the features listed above, user reviews, comfort, and safety. 

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness No-pull Dog Harness

This harness is always a safe bet, its build of a sturdy, yet breathable mesh. If features heavy padding to ensure dog comfort, sturdy 2 point leash attachments for no pull design. Fully adjustable to fit your dog correctly, and slips on and off easily. 

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Poypet No pull dog Harness

This harness is especially great for walking your dog at night. It has all of our required features as well as a 3M reflective material that lights up when car lights shine on it. This harness also features a soft training handle to control dog from lunging and get in and out of a car. 

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Voyager All Weather No pull harness 

This is a great harness especially for little dogs. It designed to take all pressure of the neck area. It provides a breathable mesh for warmer days, but also provides a small layer of insulation to keep your dog warm on the chillier days. 

The harness uses metal D rings and is easily secured by slipping on dog and tightens with heavy duty Velcro.

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