Best dog toys for crates

Best dog toys for crates

If you crate your dog while you’re away or in the process of crate training your dog, having a good safe toy for your dog to play with while you’re gone is essential. Not only will this ward of boredom, but also anxiety and stress of being away from you (and also relieve your stress of worrying about your dog).

How to choose the best crate dog toy?

The most important aspect of selecting a dog toy for your dog while being crated is safety. We prefer hard toys with no stuffing and indestructible to prevent any potential issue of choking.

Below we have selected the best options that are safe but also fun for your dog or puppy while being in their crate.

Bacon scent indestructible chew bone

This bone has a great strong flavor that dogs love and stands up to the most aggressive chewers. Some extra benefits of this bone include:

  • Made of whole natural cowhide and food grade TPU (plastic resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion)
  • Designed to help clean dog teeth, yet made of elastic to prevent damaging even puppy teeth
  • Washable!

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Benebone Bacon Stick Dog Chew Toy

This is a really neat chew toy designed to be easier for your dog to hold! This toy was designed to ensure the strongest flavor to keep your dog busy. Some other features include:

  • Contains real natural bacon flavor
  • Made in the USA
  • Washable and several sizes for your specific dogs weight

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Kong Classic

The tried and true classic, Kong has been dog boredom killers for years and is what we prefer with our dogs. We like to stuff a few of these with peanut butter and pop them in freezer. When you’re heading out or want some alone time pull it out of the freezer for your dog.

Not only are these great for stuffing and putting in dog crates they are also good for playing fetch and bounce in unpredictable ways which excites dogs.

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Hopefully these will give a few safe options for dog toys to place in your dog crate to help relieve boredom and stress for your puppy or dog. If your dog is a normal to medium chewer any of these will work great, if you have an overly aggressive chewer we advise you use the kong or kong extreme.

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