Best Dog Food Storage Containers

Whats the best way to keep dog food fresh?

Buying dog food in bulk is ideal for cost per cup as well as preventing you from suddenly running out of your favorite brand, but only if you can keep it fresh and away from excess air. For this reasons we recommend a storage container that can be washed out and has a secure locking lid.

Another reason to purchase a secure container other than fresh dog food, is preventing bugs and rodents especially roaches which love dog food. Having an open bag of food or a loose container will attract insects and rodents quicker than you would expect.

Below are dog food containers we recommend that will keep your dog food from going bad, and keep it fresh so your dog enjoys it to the last bite!

Vittles Vault Stackable

This is our favorite and what we keep in our pantry. This container is very heavy duty with a secure lid you screw to tighten (the most secure out of the list). I have owned this for years and its indestructible. The capacity ranges from 1.3 gallons to 20 gallons, we recommend at least an 8.0 gallon container to fit average dog food bags as well as a scoop to keep inside.

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Bergan Smart Storage

This is another great option that has the ability to just open a flap to remove dog food. This will be great when super busy and don’t feel like removing the lid.

Its BPA free and holds up to 50 pounds of dog food and also stackable if you buy multiple containers!C

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Buddeez Fresh Dry Dog & Cat Food Plastic Storage Container With Locking Flip Lid

This another favorite due to the unique feature of being able to place bag directly in the bin instead of pouring it in.

This sounds silly, but anyone that has opened a dog food bag and lifted the 30 pound bag to pour it in knows the feeling of dog food falling all over the floor, very frustrating. With this container, just pop the lid open and sit the dog food bag inside the container, shut the lid and you have fresh dog food until the last scoop!

Speaking of scoops this container also includes one!

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Hopefully we have given you a few great options to choose from, all of which will serve its purpose of keeping your dog food fresh and prevent attracting insects such as ants or roaches in. All of these containers have been tested for durability and are BPA free.

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