Best Dog Food For Allergies

Best Dog Food For Allergies

If you’ve noticed signs and symptoms that your dog has food allergies such as itching, scratching, sneezing, itchy ears, water eyes or inflamed skin your dog may have an allergy.

Other symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting are more serious symptoms and you should contact your veterinarian. For mild symptoms such as the ones listed above, a great way to determine if it an environmental allergy vs food allergy is feeding your dog hypoallergenic dog food. Testing for allergies through a vet can be very expensive and time consuming and plus dogs hate it.

Our advice is try one of the great dog food brands we have listed below and see if your dogs allergy symptoms improve. These brands have been test and approved to be safe, and effective to determine if your dog has a food allergy.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Adult, Sensitive Stomach & Skin, Chicken Recipe

Hill’s science diet is one at the top of the list for dog food recommended for allergies, this is the most common vet recommend dog food for a reason. Its designed to improve sensitive stomach issues with prebiotic fiber to restore gut bacteria as well as high amounts of omega 6 to relieve dogs with itchy skin giving a beautiful and shiny coat.

Hill’s science diet also has other food designed around specific areas to improve your dog’s health, we highly suggest this brand.

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Diamond Care Sensitive Skin Recipe

This dog food is a great choice for dogs with skin issues, it effectively addresses the issue by using hydrolyzed protein to aid in easy digesting. Uses Salmon for protein which is great for skin as well as added omega 6 oil to decrease itchy skin. The food is also packed with antioxidants to reduce inflammation in your dog.

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Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain Free Natural Adult Dry Dog Food

We love anything made Blue Buffalo based off their long credible history in the dog food industry. This food is based around limited ingredients to eliminate and chemicals or additives that can cause dog food allergies as well no grains which can be problematic for some dogs.

The first ingredient in this food is real salmon, salmon is the healthiest protein you can feed your dog especially for skin allergies. The high amount of healthy fatty acids increase skin hydration and decrease inflammation.

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Hopefully we have shared with you a few great healthy choices to help ease your dog off any possible food allergies. All of these choices offer limited ingredient recipes, high quality protein and added healthy omega 6 oils to ease any itching and inflammation.

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